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returnWhat was your favorite AP?

# of Responses: 13

Posted 1 year ago by renaime

Why is it worth taking?

AP Bio, because it got me started on the path I am on today.  Furthermore AP Bio teaches you a lot about the world which helped me to better experience nature, plus it was just a fun class.

Posted 1 year ago by Aliphos

I actually enjoyed AP psychology a lot. It was an interesting subject and learning about the human brain and the basics of how it functions was valuable. 

Posted 1 year ago by formerIBstudent

AP psych actually helped me read people much easier, but now I find myself doing it subconciously.

Posted 1 year ago by Aliphos

I don't know. I'll admit some of the stuff in psychology seems like a little bit of bs but the concept is definitely alluring.

Posted 1 year ago by formerIBstudent

AP US History since the teacher was extremely funny.

Posted 1 year ago by emily

AP Bio - mainly due to the prof. 

Posted 1 year ago by federertheking

I'd say AP Calc AB not because I liked the class itself, but passing the exam let me skip a bunch of prereq math classes in college ahaha.

Posted 1 year ago by IgorBogdanoff

Psych all the way. It was the most interesting class and one of the few ones I actually enjoyed.

Posted 1 year ago by miniwhopee

Psych for me too. Psych was fun to take because I didn't plan on taking in in college, but it's always been something that has interested me.

Posted 1 year ago by tcme

AP Calc AB. I hated trig, but my teacher helped strengthen it and he's way better at explaining than my trig teacher was. Plus, I haven't understood material better than with my teacher. 

Posted 1 year ago by blipsandchitz

Psych is pretty fun. Mostly because of the prof.

Posted 1 year ago by Math

AP biology is definitely worth the time and effort. You're practically learning about life! 

Posted 1 year ago by isabellaying

AP World because we had a great teacher and it's easy

Posted 1 year ago by wknoll