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returnThe New SAT

# of Responses: 5

Posted 11 months ago by theOwl

Have any of you taken the new SAT? I heard its easier, what are y'all opinions?

The new SAT was designed to be much easier.

Posted 11 months ago by theBigBrotherOwl

The scoring system is a little easier so there is no writing section I believe.

Posted 11 months ago by theBigBrotherOwl

I've heard mixed opinions. Some say the removal of point deduction for every wrong answer makes it easier to score well. Others say the sections and essay are far more in depth and so a little harder.

Posted 11 months ago by formerIBstudent

I think that the removal of the point deduction for wrong answers is much more of a benefit. If you've studied hard enough, you should be fine in the rest of the sections and essay.

Posted 11 months ago by tcme

I don't like how the essay requires an additional fee nowadays.

Posted 10 months ago by isabellaying