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returnWhy AP Spanish Language is worth taking.

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Posted 2 years ago by 2100Savage

Personally, taking AP spanish was the easiest AP for me, and I'm of pure chinese decent. I took 4 years of spanish in highschool and taking the AP exam was extremely easy, (I performed way better than many native Spanish speakers in the same AP class). 


Here is a runthrough of the exam and my followup to why it was easy.

1)65 Multiple choice questions, split into 2 sections. 30Q and 35Q, the first being print text and the latter being audio texts. 

-Simple, you read it, analyze it, fit it into context. I want to clarify that i did not 100% understand all the words nor did i understand all of the grammar in the context. I breezed through this with i'd say 65% understanding of everything. 

2) 15 minute essay. Usually a simple task, simple proposition and straight forward to answer.

-think of this as an email you would have to answer in English in 6th grade, but in spanish. Do the bare minimum and include what they ask for, this should be practiced in your ap class many times so the guidelines are always the same and straightforward.

3) Persuasive essay. Again you get an hour for this and it's simple. Know the guidelines, know the words you need to know in spanish, e.g. Por eso, (For that [reason]), know your transitioning words. Primero, entonces, por fin, es mejor que, (it's good that..). Very simple, alot of these can easily be done by the "throwing mud on the wall and see what sticks" technique. Just include everything because they don't doc u off for what is irrelevant but give you points for what is relevant. 

-thus far, actually knowing how to speak spanish is not required and just studying spanish can help you succeed thus far.

4)18 minutes, Spoken response. In this section you will have to record your response to conversation speaking and followed by a comparison between your community and one of a hispanic speaking one.

-may seem hard at first, but with the conversation speaking the same technique applies. It doesn't matter what you say in response so long some context sticks and makes sense. Even if you sound incoherrent or are difficult to understand you will usually get the benefit in the ears of the AP grader, so don't hesitate. It's better you say all that you can then being scared and saying nothing. Say whatever and whatever is cohorent will stick. 

-For the culture comparison you can easily compare your community in relativity to one of a spanish speaking one. For an easy way out, just compare many similarities and try your best to include 1/2 differences. e.g."in my spanish speaking community of Los Angeles, most workers retire at the age of 65 (obv with exceptions), in contrary, in the spanish speaking community of mexico most families find themselves working for life in order to provide money and subsistence to the family." etc. There's just too much you can say simply and anything can be valid, so long some of the aspect is true. Just think of it as trump, his rhetoric is so powerful although he may break some of these agendas. Thus, say what you can and your content may be rendered extremely valid, don't be scared.


Well there you go, I'm a chinese/viet kid who took AP spanish language in his senior year in a low income high school. Received a 4, expected a 3. Also don't be intimidated, I had a close asian classmate who took the same class but was terrible at conversational spanish and could not respond or would be incoherant 

Accidentally submitted prematurely, and I don't believe I can edit my own post.


EDIT: My friend received a 3 on his AP score, which is passing. Really beneficial and easy way to skip one class requirement for GE for most colleges. It does vary from college to college but it should be valid at most.

Posted 2 years ago by 2100Savage

I'll second this, but in regards to AP French!  Similar style of exam, really not too difficult at all.  I got a 5 with very little prep outside of class time.  Most of the above advice holds for the French exam as well ^

Posted 2 years ago by itsaplit

I'm a native spanish speaker and I'll try to be more active on here so for what it's worth, anyone too intimidated can come to me for help :)

Posted 2 years ago by shoshura

Never hurts to be proficient in spanish either when it comes time to look for jobs!

Posted 2 years ago by federertheking

All I've heard are good things from the people who have taken AP Spanish! I didn't take it because I took Latin, but I wish I had, because I'm a native Spanish speaker.

Posted 2 years ago by renaime

I wish I had known this in HS! I took Spanish, but wasn't sure if I should take AP Spanish senior year because I was having a rought time. It also would have been great to get out of the language requirement in college.

Posted 2 years ago by tcme

It's worth it. I've heard that the Billiteracy test is harder. 

Posted 2 years ago by blipsandchitz

AP Spanish is no harder than regular Spanish 4 at my school

Posted 2 years ago by wknoll