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returnAre AP Classes worth it (vs Community College)?

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Posted 2 years ago by m4g1k4rp

I've never really understood AP classes and up to this point I've only taken classes at my local community college in my free time. Could someone explain to me if there is any reason AP classes or tests are worth the time? If so what classes are worth taking? I'm personally looking into AP Government and Politics and AP Computer Science. 

I think AP classes are totally worth it! I came into college with enough credits to technically make me a Sophomore. It was nice having some of the intro classes already under my belt.

Posted 2 years ago by townsendsk

Yea, as person above stated, having credits coming in is really helpful cause you can do things like double major. I think AP classes are a little more valuable in the eyes of adcoms because it's standardized across the country while community colleges differ widely. 

Posted 2 years ago by formerIBstudent

They are so worth it and will save you money in the long run. My university accepts AP scores as course replacements usually if the score is higher than 3. If I hadn't messed up my AP Calc exam I would not have to be scrambling to catch up like i am now.

Posted 2 years ago by dacalala

APs are definitely worth it imo.  I agree with dacalala on the saving money part - even though the exams cost around $90 each, if you're able to get credit it's still wayyy less than you'd pay to take a similar class at a university or even a community college.

Posted 2 years ago by itsaplit

In California K-12 students can take up to 11 units at a community college for around $40. I believe each AP test is around $90 so CC classes are a better deal. You can take more of them, many are available online, and you don't have to pass a test to get the credit. Most AP kids do well in those classes so they end up starting college with great units and a high gpa. Many high schools will accomodate your schedule so you only need to take 4 high school classes and can take college classes for the others. It is also nice because US History can be taken in a semester unlike APUSH which is all year. Same for the other subjects. So even if you only took one class at commnity college per semester you would end up with 6 units. The work load is less than half that of an AP class too. 

Community college classes are a better deal financially and colleges look favorably on students who have already proven they can do well taking those classes. 

Posted 2 years ago by ZeeGee

Why not both?

Posted 2 years ago by federertheking

As, @ZeeGee said, I think that if you're already taking CC classes, you're in a good position. Colleges like people who have taken college classes, and don't usually look down on it being CC. 

It's also less expensive at CC, and College is ex-pen-sive. If I had had the option, I would have gone down the CC route for sure.

Posted 2 years ago by renaime

It really depends. If you have a good Community College near you, you have a wider variety of classes to take.

For example, if you know what you want to study in college, you could take several of the required introductory courses while in HS and just get it over with.

AP classes are good for getting general requirements out of the way.

Posted 2 years ago by tcme

I knocked out 7 college credits from 2 AP classes

Posted 2 years ago by wknoll