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returnIs the ACT of SAT better for college Admissions?

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Posted 11 months ago by Juliet

I'm a junior trying to get into top tier colleges. I have scored a 35 on the ACT but I have been hearing that for the Ivies, the SAT is better. Should I take the SAT or just stick with my ACT score?

I don't think it matters Juliet. I mean, alot of people in my high school had perfect ACT and SAT scores and didn't get into the Ivies.

Posted 11 months ago by emily

It doesn't matter which one you use. A 35 is really good. Just use ACT and focus on GPA and/or extracurriculars instead. Also spend time on those college app essays. 

Posted 11 months ago by formerIBstudent

I know someone who got a perfect score on the ACT and didn't get into UC Berkeley but did get into UC Davis. It didn't seem like it helped him any more than SAT/ACT scores that were on the high end. It seems like colleges like to see work experience and college classes while in high school. Also 5 years of English. It would be ideal to take an English class at a community college over the summer. 

Posted 11 months ago by ZeeGee

ACT and SAT scores, while important, will not be enough to get you into colleges on their own. I suggest you spend time ensuring you're a well rounded candidate as well as workiing on your college essays. You want to make sure you're competitive in other areas or the tests won't mean as much!

Posted 11 months ago by m4g1k4rp

Do they accept ACT scores? If they do, don't sweat the other tests.

Posted 11 months ago by ceciliarae8

Pretty much everything @m4g1k4rp said

Posted 11 months ago by shoshura

I would honestly take them both. If you did so well on the ACT, I don't doubt that you'll do really well on the SAT.

Also, keep in mind what @m4g1k4rp said. Colleges really value unique candidates, so make sure your essays are good, you keep your GPA up, and that you have extracurriculars.

Posted 11 months ago by tcme