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# of Responses: 9

Posted 2 years ago by theOwl

This section is meant for the open discussion of all things. Chill and have some fun.

However, the following are not allowed: 

Personal Attacks


NSFW links

Personal Information


Any violation of these rules will result in a banning from Exam Owl.

Is there a way of replying to someone on a post, but specifically them. Maybe a tag function for example, or just adding a reply button to every response on a post

Posted 1 year ago by yarubiks

^Yes this function would really help. Being able to quote a comment individually will be a vital feature if the community grows effectively.

Posted 1 year ago by miniwhopee

I've been going @username, but I don't think it directly lets the person know I'm responding to them. 

Posted 1 year ago by renaime

Images would also be nice

Posted 1 year ago by IgorBogdanoff

I don't want to deal with NSFW spam.

Posted 1 year ago by theOwl


I agree, but I think it's difficult to implentate


Posted 1 year ago by marijn1202

Maybe have an IQ limit for image posting? Like, make any user unable to post images until they reach a certain IQ point threshold, such as 250 or 500.

Posted 1 year ago by IgorBogdanoff

Great Idea! @IgorBogdanoff. 

I will try to implement that in my next update.

Posted 1 year ago by theOwl

 Alright, lookin forward to it man

Posted 1 year ago by IgorBogdanoff